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Who are the authors?

The content of this campaign is a collaborative effort between the Mind HK antistigma team and  clinical advisors, along with ambassadors, who bravely share their mental health stories to destigmatise mental health conditions in Hong Kong. Outside of their identity as a Mind HK Ambassador, they are people just like us  - a father, a daughter, a good friend, a rock climber, and more.

Why “More Than a Label”?

Being diagnosed with a mental health condition means they have one more label on them, which has the power to define who they are as a person. We want to challenge inaccurate representations (and labels) of mental health conditions and show that people with experience of mental health conditions have more than one label and identity, as do you and I.


A mental health condition does not define who you are -- every person is #MoreThanALabel.

How can I become an ambassador?

We organise regular training sessions for individuals with personal experiences of mental health conditions to share their stories in a safe and comfortable way. Follow our social media (@morethanalabelhk) and subscribe to our newsletter for updates on course dates and availabilities!

Where can I seek help?


For emergency support, please dial 999, or visit your nearest A&E department.

Visit Mind HK ‘Find Help Now’ page for a list of hotline and online support:

Visit Mind HK 'Community Directory' for other local mental health services:

Learn more about seeking help in Hong Kong:


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