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Mind HK Ambassador

I AM... a mental health advocate. I AM... a practitioner of alternative medicine. I AM... a Sufi healer.

I AM... a spiritual life coach.

I AM... an artist.

Originally written in English and translated into Traditional Chinese.

I've always had an artistic spirit,

Felt different to all,

It started with these 3 words the kids at school use to say,

Weird, ugly, dumb,

It got darker the older I got,

I tried to free myself,

I retreated to my music, escaping from the world,

Not wanting to deal with anyone or anything,

Deeper in the rabbit hole of depression I got, not even realising how far I was going,

I had disconnected from my home, from reality, from myself,

Reality was a concept I struggled with till I realised that who I was, was not the definition of what I went through in my life.

Depression taught me to feel emotions on a deeper level.

Although it brought me more sorrow than happiness at that time,

It made me more conscious and aware of how I was feeling.

I embraced who I am, where I came from and where I wanted to go.

From being called weird to being called awesome.

Now I look back at those who judged me and think how I wish someone had taught them about compassion.

That is why I became a healer to help others understand.

Understand stigma,

Understand themselves,

And understand how to spread love, kindness, and compassion.

I have never been happier than I am today, because my struggles were the roads to my recovery.


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