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Jonathan's Letter

Dear Jonathan,

What did you feel when you were first diagnosed with neurodivergence and mental health issues?

Labels of shame, anger, embarrassment? When you told people, I know how they reacted to you:

“Don’t ask! Don’t tell!”

“It is a sign of weakness!”

“Don’t bring personal issues to work!”

Once you shared your story publicly, you were shocked. Why did you feel shocked? People shared their biggest secrets or pain with you –

“I am neurodivergent with mental health issues.”

“My kids have ADHD. What can I do?”

“My kids were diagnosed with mental health issues. I did not seriously consider the impact on my kids. Now I regret it.”

You also understood why employers were hesitant to hire people with mental health issues.

“When people hear the term ‘mental health clinic’, they panic. You must tell people that ‘mental health clinic’ is more than medication. It is also just counseling, employment support, and social welfare.”

“I don’t know that people with mental health issues can take up professional jobs. Tell me how I can support them.”

Together, let’s break the bias against people with mental health issues.


Your supporter


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