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Mind HK Ambassador

I AM... a mental health advocate.

"I learned to practice self-love and stopped searching for it elsewhere. "

Where/what has been important to you in your mental health journey? Why?

My school. I had depression and anxiety in my secondary school years. I could not get along with my classmates and was also bullied by one of them. I often felt helpless during this time of my life.

How has mental health affected your day to day life?

I could not maintain close relationships with anyone because of my mental health condition. I struggled to get along with my family and friends.

How would you describe yourself? What are your labels?

Introverted: I realised that I generate my energy from within. I love practicing mindfulness and being in nature. I could always reclaim my inner power by doing mindfulness exercises.

What gave you hope during your recovery?

My recovery process was a painful, but rewarding experience. I met a counsellor and we discussed my past traumatic experience. I realised that I had been repressing much of my anger and was used to avoiding my negative emotions ever since I was a child. During our sessions, I cried a lot to heal myself and to release my emotions. I would often feel much better afterwards.

Tell us about your life now.

I am more aware of my feelings and how mental health problems could affect me.

What has your mental health journey taught you?

I learned to practice self-love and stopped searching for it elsewhere.


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